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16 May

3 Reasons to Visit Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is the southernmost part of India. It has special significance for people from all religions – it is home to some of the most beautiful temples and palaces, beautiful mosques, and one of the oldest church structures globally. But temples and mosques aren’t the only reason to visit the place. Here are a few reasons you must look for hotels in Kanyakumari near railway station.

1. The Food is to Die for:

Unlike the rest of Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari’s cuisine is unique – a mix of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. From various pachadis, kichadis, torans, four different kinds of pickles, olan, elliseri, puzhiseri, parippu, sambhar, rasam, and sambharam… not to mention four different types of payasams… this is undoubtedly a feast worthy of a king. You don’t need to travel all the way to Kerala to sample some authentic sadhya. A visit to a local vegetarian mess will fill your tummy and soul.

Kanyakumari is a nonvegetarian paradise – parotta, kothu parotta, beef fry, fish curry, fish fry, biryani, etc. In an ode to the Kerala influence, you’ll find some neighbourhood staples like pathiri, appam, etc.

Thanks to its vast coastline and fertile land, rice, coconut, and fish are stapled ingredients in our cuisine. Jackfruits and plantains are also a favourite – don’t miss the many delicacies made using these fruits, especially the pazha bajji and chakka varatti. We’re also fans of tapioca which is often served with day-old fish curry. And to wash it all down, try some nungu sharbat made using ice apple and sugar syrup. Before booking your tickets, don’t miss booking accommodation at one of the best hotels in Kanyakumari near the railway station.

2. We Have a Cosmopolitan Culture:

Kanyakumari has welcomed people from different religions for centuries. Several pieces of archaeological evidence prove multiple faiths coexisted without much conflict. Did you know the Thomaiyar Kovil or Arapally is one of the oldest structures in the world, supposedly built by St. Thomas the Apostle? You must visit this church to make your stay in Kanyakumari even more special.

A popular theory goes that the Travancore King Cheraman Perumal was so impressed by Prophet Muhammad’s message that he converted to Islam during the Prophet’s lifetime. This encouraged his subjects to learn more about the religion. As a result, large groups of people in and around Colachel, Thengaipattinam, and Aloor converted to Islam. Thuckalay Peer Muhammad Appa preached Islam and was laid to rest at Thuckalay. Today, the Thuckalay Palli festival is very famous and attracts people from across religions.

3. We Have the Most Amazing Natural Scenery:

The Western Ghats stretches from Tapi in Gujrat to Kanyakumari, Nagercoil. We have some of the best natural forests, 14 in total, ranging from tropical and wet evergreen to thorn forests. It is also home to some endemic flora and fauna, including Indian bison, mouse deer, Nilgiri tahr, and species like Alpinia Galanga and Gloriosa Superba.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

You could take a hiking trip to the Chitharal Cave Temples or hike to Maruthuvalmalai on the way to one of the hotels near Kanyakumari beach.

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