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28 Sep

The Four Best Beaches near Kanyakumari Hotels

Kanyakumari is full of beautiful and lively beaches, and you can easily find a beach near the Kanyakumari hotels where you choose to stay.

Positioned at the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari is the popular jewel of the country. There are various with various combinations of natural elements. It has the Laccadive Sea bordering from three sides and has beautiful western ghats nearby.

1) Muttom Beach

It is one of the cleanest beaches with a picturesque view. It is known for its dramatic beauty and many beautiful corners to explore. It has many rocks on the beach and you can sit on these and enjoy the panoramic view. So, if you are looking for a beach view hotel in Kanyakumari then you have to be near this beach.

2) Sanguthurai Beach

It is a calm beach surrounded by coconut trees. There’s a sangu statue and sea tower that welcomes you at the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful backwater view at this clean sand beach. If you are gazing at a private beach in Kanyakumari, then consider exploring this beach.

3) Thengapattanam Beach

It is the major tourist attraction beach with the Rocky Mountains, lush green groves, and sea view. It has a long coastline and is encircled by many coconut trees. If you are looking for a beach near Kanyakumari hotels go for this beach you can easily find many services near this beach.

4) Sothavilai Beach

Sothavilai Beach Hotel kanyakumari

With a span of 4 km, it is the lengthiest beach in the state. There are many places where you can relax and enjoy the sea view, cold and calm breeze on the beach. This is the best place to seek solitude and to enjoy swimming with friends.

So, are you ready to visit the most loved and visited places by Indians as well as tourists? Find a beach near Kanyakumari hotels and make your bookings and visit the city to enjoy nature to its fullest. Gopinivas Grand is the leading luxury resort and hotel in Kanyakumari. May it be a wedding ceremony or a business meeting or holiday with friends they are best at providing all the services.