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28 Nov

Hidden Twin Beach & Other Beaches You Mustn’t Miss in Kanyakumari

Popularly known as the land of 3 seas, Kanyakumari is located at the confluence of three oceans, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. Book your stay with us to enjoy the most of your vacation in Kanyakumari. We are a well-known hotel near the Hidden Twin beach in Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India, and we explore its charming coastal towns and pristine beaches.

Read on to learn more about the many enchanting beaches that are scenic and offer the most tranquil and ethereal vibes.

Kanyakumari Beach

Situated at the southernmost tip of India, the stunning Kanyakumari Beach is famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views. As the meeting point of three oceans, the beach offers a cinematic setting with waves crashing against the rocks. The perfect backdrop of golden sand and shimmering sea provides you with an opportunity for memorable pictures. Though the beach is too rough for swimming or surfing, you can head up to the lighthouse to capture glorious views of the sea and the sky.

Muttom Beach

As one of the most famous beaches known for its dramatic beauty, you will find Muttom Beach very clean and picturesque. The rocky beach lies next to a quaint fishing village, which can be your idyllic getaway for a family picnic. Swimming isn’t advisable here, but there are plenty of scenic spots to click photographs of the rocks breaking the surf. Climb atop the colonial-period lighthouse to take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. Visit the nearby Portuguese-style All saints church that adorns the surroundings with its all-white façade. Book your stay at one of the nearby hotels in Kanyakumari and take a break from the bustling city life by visiting this untouched gem of a location.

Muttom Beach Kanyakumari

Hidden Twin Beach

True to its name, Hidden Twin beach is one of the least explored spots in Kanyakumari. Located just 2.6km from Kanyakumari, you will enjoy the scenic route toward the beach. The Hidden Twin beach offers a great view of the vast sea, with a promenade that doubles up as your perfect lounging place. The best time to visit Hidden Twin Beach is in the evening when you can sit, relax and admire the beautiful sunset with a fantastic backdrop of the Vivekananda Memorial at a distance. Plan a day’s trip with your family and friends to enjoy the sandy beaches and rocks, or spend a laidback weekend as a couple at the romantic Hidden Twin beach. Also, plan a visit to the well-known Bhagavathy Amman Temple, located close to the beach. Stay near the Hidden Twin beach in Kanyakumari, at the Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand, to savor the magnificent ocean views and stroll on the soft sand at the beach.

Kanyakumari is predominantly a coastal town, so it offers plenty of beaches to visit during your stay here. Plan your visit anytime throughout the year, and call us to book your stay at Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand. Our hotel is very close to the hidden twin beach in Kanyakumari. Visit us and get the best deals!