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17 Aug

Vivekananda Rock Memorial: One of the top Tourist Places in Kanyakumari

Traveling to Kanyakumari offers an incredible experience to you, no matter if it is just a leisure trip or a spiritual journey. The main highlights of Kanyakumari include the Thiruvalluvar Statue, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Triveni Sangamam, panoramic view of Kanyakumari beaches, and many more. Pilgrims are also abundantly visiting the place as of its spiritual aura.

vivekananda rock memorial Kanyakumari

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is the most elegant beauty among the tourist places near hotels in Kanyakumari. It lies on the laps of Devi Kanyakumari. Let’s have a look at the brief of Vivekananda Rock Memorial history.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is an important monument in Indian history located in the south most of India. It was built in 1970 as a memorial of Swami Vivekanandan. He was an Indian Hindu monk who enlightened the world with his spiritual thoughts and interpreted Indian theology in the light of science.

The memorial consists of two structures, ‘Vivekananda Mandapam’ and ‘Shripada Mandapam’. Vivekananda Mandapam consists of Dhyana Mandapam, Sabha Mandapam, and Mukha Mandapam. It is designed by getting inspiration from Ajanta and Ellora cave temples.

Shripada Mandapam is a square hall with Garbha Graham, Inner Prakaram, Outer Prakaram and Outer Platform. It is the epitome of Indian architectural works. There is a rock projection in the brownish color that looks like a footprint. It is believed that Vivekananda Rock is blessed with the touch of Goddess Devi Kumari’s holy feet as it is also called ‘Shripada Parai.’

Vivekananda Rock Memorial, one of the best tourist places near hotels in Kanyakumari visiting timings range from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and the entry fee is Rs 20 per person. To reach Vivekananda Rock Memorial, you can be available with Vivekananda Rock boat services. It requires only 5 mins to reach Vivekananda Rock and it charges Rs 50 per person.

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