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26 Feb

Worst Travel Nightmares & How to Face Them

Holiday vacation is a beautiful journey where you explore a lot of stuffs with your beloved ones. You need to take care of the travel arrangements such as tickets, accommodation, luggage, cash/credit card and much more. At every travel, the person would have a dream to discover the places, chill and relax their vacation. Few unlucky travellers may get bad dreams regarding their travel or anything they think. Here, we are going to see the worst travel nightmare handling.

Worst Travel Nightmares

List of worst travel nightmare handling:


One of the most awkward moments in travel is Cancellation. After getting into the hotel lobby, the manager says I have no record of your reservation. How do you feel at this point? Just, two things to note! Be cool. There is nothing to get panic as nothing is out of your control. Remember that your booking will be recorded and there must be some kind of data entry mistake. Make a call to Expedia, Travelzoo or any other online booking site through which you reserved. If you didn’t find a solution, then take your bag and search for the nearby accommodation options in the city.

Where’s My Wallet?

Losing your wallet is the most sickening travel nightmare you have heard of. When you missed your case, you need not get anger or irritated. Ensure to obtain a backup ATM Card, take print out of all your bank transactions, passport and put in a different bag. The first task to do when your wallet goes missing is cancel all your bank accounts as soon as possible. Once cancelled, you can apply for a new card and get in a month.


Most of the travellers will have a nightmare of an accident that may occur at the time of travel. How will I react to the situation? Yes, people may face accidents either minor or major. It is the responsibility of every traveller to ask the rental agency about the precautions to be taken in case of mishappenings. Make sure to take your insurance and credit card to recover the loss. If there is a crash, then just call up the agency, file a police report and get the insurance recovered.

Where’s my Passport?

Be alert! Stop whatever you are doing and take a photocopy of your original passport. Then, write travel.state.gov on the passport and keep it safely. When you have missed your passport, then rush to the nearest U.S. embassy to replace a new passport immediately. In certain cases, the people have the option to get an emergency passport tracked within few days.

I Lost My Kid!!

Unlike the lost wallet, losing your kid in any amusement park, boardwalk or theatre is a legitimate terrifying disaster. In order to find your kids, you have to get the help of qualified authorities immediately to find the solution. The police authorities will carefully examine the situation and find the kid at an ease. You need to give a photo copy of your kid to the police authorities to identify fast.

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