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19 Feb

World’s Strangest Airports in the World

Do you know about the strangest airports around the world? Interested to read about these airports in a detailed manner? If you are searching for such stuffs, then you have landed in the right place. At present, there are many airports constructed in various parts of the world. It is the engineers who take great efforts in building an airport with countless challenges. Before the setup of an airport, the authorities has to decide a number of factors like ideal location, endless flat ground, great visibility, favourable winds and much more. The Gopinivas Grand’s Blog explains about world’s most remarkable airports around the world.

In reality, you don’t find such spots and it becomes a difficult task for the engineers to work on the project. However, they engineers are forced to work with what ever they have and ensure that the final result comes out well. Here are some of the world’s strangest airports explained below:

world’s most remarkable airports:


Kansai International Airport-Osaka Japan

Japan is a beautiful destination that holds a scarce resource of Land. This is actually a major advantage for the engineers to construct the international airport. A team of energetic and dedicated engineers started to build the airport on the manmade island (1987). At the end of 1994, the entire setup was established with a great touch. Every airport has its own uniqueness and what’s special about this airport?

Kansai’s artificial island is 1.6 miles wide and 2.5 miles long. You need to know that this island can be visible from space. Also, there has been lot of dangerous cyclones, earthquakes and sabotage attempts from protestors taking place in this destination. Few scientists also reveal this island will go underwater in the next 50 years.

Gibraltar Airport- Gibraltar

This historic destination Gibraltar is situated in between Morocoo and Spain. It is important to know that Gibraltar Airport was constructed during the World War II by a group of engineers. Till date, the airport serves as a base for the United Kingdom. One of the major highlights of this airport is the Winston Churchill Avenue. It is the busiest road in Gibraltar that cuts directly across the runway. Don’t miss the chance to view this pretty airport in your summer vacation or holiday trip.

Madeira International Airport- Portugal

Have you ever visited Portugal? People who are looking for any strange airports can check out this Madeira International Airport. Madeira, located far off the coast of Portugal is a small island with exotic tourist attractions. The Madeira International Airport seems to pose a huge risk for all the experienced pilots and engineers. It is basically constructed with a runaway of 5000 feet long and later expanded to 9000 feet long. Further, this airport has been awarded by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering for its outstanding structure.

Congonhas Airport- Sao Paulo, Brazil

Everyone knows that airport is built in various major cities of the world. Do you know any airport constructed close to downtown? Yes, Congonhas Airport is one such airport that is located at just 5 miles from the city center. This airport can be a convenient place for the commuters, but the pilots and chief officials find hard to manage. Also, there is lot of things to be noticed in terms of safety, noise problems and so on.

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