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18 Feb

Where to Go in 2015?

The New Year 2015 has born and we have crossed many special occasions all through these two months. You need to spend the year with utmost fun and excitement. One of the best ways to cherish your holidays is through travel fascinating places. If you are a person who is looking for any world class shopping, jaw-dropping scenery, unrivaled art, culture or food, then this is the place to stop!

Istanbul Turkey




Fascinating Places to Visit in 2015

Everyone would love to travel fascinating places of the world in this year. But, people are not sure of the exact countries or places to visit. For those who are eager to explore some amazing budget destinations can read this article and gain more benefits. Many people have started to visit the international destination rather than India. This is because the foreign countries offer breathtaking views, exotic tourist attractions and glittering spots. Just, let us have a quick look at these 3 mesmerizing destinations that will attract you at every visit:

Northern Italy

Famous for: Natural Beauty & City Culture

Why should you visit Northern Italy on this year? Is there anything special? Of course, the Italy has been regarded as one of the fantastic tourist destinations around the world. A visit to Italy will enable you to participate in the much awaited festive Expo Milano. This World’s Fair Event attracts more than 20 million visitors every year. It will usually start from May 1st and run through October 31st. Expo Milano focuses on various themes like Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and eco-friendly society.

What to do: Milan offers great number of options for all travel lovers. Just get into the easy-to-navigate streets of Milan’s historic city and explore the spectacular churches. Don’t miss to jump into Lake Como and view all the tiny picturesque towns like Bellagio, Gravedona, Como and much more.


Famous for: Incredible Beaches & Romance

If you have planned to explore this Pacific paradise, then this is the place to check on this year. According to Hotel Price Index, the hotel accommodation rates have come down to 12% percent. It is definitely a treat for all travel lovers!

What to do: Bali is widely known for its dreamy black-sand beaches and tourist attractions. Relax your day by diving into the beautiful beach and try some adventurous activities like surfing, fishing and so on. Move on to the island’s interior and visit the popular hillside temple Pura Luhur Batukau.


Famous for: World-Class Shopping and High-Style

Do you know that Istanbul has been ranked as No.1 travel destination by TripAdvisor? Yeah, this news seems to be a talk among many travellers, bloggers and leisure lovers across the world. Anyone who is planning for a budget tour can visit Istanbul and create memorable experience in this mesmerizing spot.

What to do: Venture into Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar which features dozens of ancient streets and thousands of shops. You will definitely be able to enjoy your shopping with utmost pleasure! Take some time to pick your favorite cuisine from the Asian fusion, Italian or Turkish.

To Wrap Up

We guess people will definitely make use of this information and plan their travel accordingly. Travelling has no limit and so start exploring! Apart from the above destinations, there are many amazing places to travel at your budget. Just stay tuned for more travel updates.

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