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28 Feb

Top Spa Destinations in India

Are you exhausted with your routine office work? Do you feel that your mind is pressured with lot of stress? People who are facing all these situations have to take a break from their work and travel for a tour. India is an incredible country that offers a number of tours suiting to your mood like Romantic Getaways, Beach Holidays, Cruise Holidays, Cultural Tours, Spa Holidays, Wildlife Holidays and much more. It is the option of the people to select their tour packages based on their requirement and budget. There are many Spa Destinations in India. Let us know about the top spa destinations in detail.


Origin of Spa

For people who are planning to relax and rejuvenate can choose the Spa Holiday destinations in India. These places would certainly create a unique experience for your entire family. Basically, the concept of spa was originated in Europe where the ancient European people believed that hot drinking water can be used for wellness solutions. Also, the hot water has a number of therapeutic qualities resulting in positive results to many people. This therapeutic treatment started to become popular all over the world.

India’s Top Spa Destinations

At present, the spa vacations has increased to a great extent and people feel relaxed at the end of their trip. From North to South and from East to West, there are many locations in India that offer best spa treatments for ultimate stress. No matter which part of India you are in, spa destinations are in plenty. Just have a look at the top spa destinations in India given below:


Kerala is the popular spa getaway that follows the historical concepts of Ayurveda and balneotherapy. This lovely destination is filled with many high-class accommodations and getaway spas that provide the unique spa features for travellers. When you get into the Kerala spas, you will find a hot tube fixed on the wall. The hot steam will help you to feel relaxed and calm. Ensure to browse over the web and find out the best spas in Kerala before you plan for the trip.


Popularly known for its spectacular historic attractions, Agra is a destination which is packed with many international vacationers every year. There are many amazing resorts, spa hotels and star class accommodation available in Agra. All these star category hotels offer a range of refreshing and healing solutions. Kaya Kalp in ITC Mughal is considered to be the top class spa in Agra that offers hamam Turkish Bath and healing therapy.


Rajasthan is widely known for its high-class accommodations and heritage buildings. Many international travellers chose the luxury hotels in Rajasthan and enjoy the rejuvenating spa treatments offered by them. At the end of your spa vacation, you will be able to feel refreshed and beautiful than ever before. Some of the famous accommodations that offer spa treatments include Udai Vilas Palace in Udaipur, Aman E-Khas in Ranthambore National Park, Raj Vilas Palace in Udaipur and much more.

Spa destinations in India will definitely help you to rejuvenate and recover the inner balance of your body. If you haven’t visited these spa destinations, then just plan a trip and get ready for a natural experience.

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