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7 Nov

Top Delicacies to Prepare in Diwali Season

Diwali, the Festival of Lights is a special occasion celebrated in a great way. It should be renamed as the Festival of Foodies. It is because the people prepare a wide range of exotic sweets and savouries on the special day. People who worked hard in gym will definitely regain their weight during this season. Diwali is all about rich food that is prepared using ghee, sugar and oil. One should never miss to taste the delicacies food made on the day. Here is the list of top Diwali food recipes that will definitely make your taste-buds sing. Let’s look in:

Diwali food recipes:

Diwali Sweets

Besan Laddoo

Are you a sweet addict? Besan Laddoo is a popular sweet that is loved by people of all ages. This soft ball is prepared using rich ingredients like dry fruits, ghee, sugar and more. If you have the laddoos well, then it will melt in your tongue and offer an amazing taste. Do ensure to try this recipe for this Diwali!


Karanji is difficult to prepare but offers awesome taste. With shape like momos, this is deep fried in oil. The mixture inside the Karanji is filled with sweet coconut, dry fruits, nuts and more. You can store this snack for a long time in a box. It will remain the same till the end of Diwali.

Chakri a best Diwali food recipe

Do you love some crispy snacks? Try doing Chakri for this Diwali season. It is one of the Top Diwali food recipes that are prepared in every home. A crispy Chakri along with hot tea will offer a great taste than ever before. The ingredients used for the recipe include rice, Bengal gram, black gram and oil.

Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda is another famous Diwali recipe prepared in various parts of India. It is healthy snack that has low fat and no oil. The soft poha is tossed with a variety of ingredients like peanuts, cashew nuts, curry leaves, dry coconut slices and green chillies. It is a must-to eat recipe during the Diwali season.