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1 Dec

Thirparappu Waterfalls – One of the Exotic Spots in Kanyakumari

Planning to visit Kanyakumari? Are you excited to view some amazing nature sceneries in and around Kanyakumari? Venture into Thirparappu Waterfalls, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kanyakumari.

Thriparappu Falls Kanyakumari

Thriparappu Falls Kanyakumari

Thirparappu Waterfalls- Known for Nature Sceneries

Popularly known as Kumari Kuttalam, Thirparappu Waterfalls is a fascinating Tourist spot in Kanyakumari district. It is situated at about 15 kms from Pechiparai Dam and 35 kms from Nagercoil. Thirparapppu Waterfalls lies close to a village named Kulasekaram. This ancient village was ruled many kings of the earlier period. It is important to know that the waterfalls start from Kodayar River and flows at a height of nearly 50 feet.

Few researchers have found that this popular waterfall is built on a rocky bed covering one fourth of a kilometer. All the nearby paddy fields get the water source from this fall at all seasons. Near this waterfall, there is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva’s second son named Karthick. This temple was constructed in the 9th century and you can find many old inscriptions in this holy place.

Shiva Temple near the Thirparappu Waterfalls

The waters from the dam flow to nearby small villages helping the local farmers for agriculture. Moreover, the surroundings of the dam are maintained with utmost cleanliness. You won’t be able to find any plastic bags, discarded packet of chips or water bottles. As per the Tamil Nadu Government order, men and women are supposed to take bath in separate areas. Ensure to take your towels and bathing items in advance. It is because those products are more expensive in this place.
After a fresh bath, you can head to the beautiful Shiva temple. You can get into the temple, get your blessings and enjoy the stunning sceneries in the location. In the temple, you will find a sculpture of a snake chasing a frog. This sculpture seems to be really depicted well by the ancient artists.

How to Reach?

If you eager to visit Thirparappu Waterfalls, then there are number of options available to reach the place easily. Just scroll down to know the details:

Nearest Airport- Trivandrum (Kerala)

Nearest Railway Station- Martha dam

Nearest Bus Stand- Many buses are available from Nagercoil, Martha dam and Kulasekaram.

People who are travelling from Nagercoil to Thiruvanathapuram by road have to a bit careful as the roads are in the terrible state.

Travel Tips

Every traveler should ensure to know few travel tips before heading to Kanyakumari. It includes:

It is advisable to carry a travel kit which contains a towel, bathing products and so on. If you have missed it, then do purchase in Nagercoil itself.

Remember to confirm your room bookings with the concerned hotel. Holidays should be planned in advance as you won’t be getting good accommodation at seasons.

Taking travel insurance offers you great safety in your summer vacation. We all know that danger can occur at any point of time. In such a case, it is always better to be aware than staying cool. Think on it and act smartly!

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