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21 Jul

The Merge of High-Tech and High-Touch Defines the Future Travel Experience

Travel apps are not the only mode for smooth journey. At present, the technology has grown to a great extent which offers effective ways to make travel easier than ever. A recent survey from American Express Travel has revealed that future travellers will make use of high-tech options and high-touch services as to experience an incredible travel experience.

Location of Hotel

 Around 93% of travellers have said that the value of personal service can never be replaced with the present digital technology. Further, the travellers are interested in visiting a destination that offers differentiated experiences with lots of fun and pleasure. Here, the technology and personal services have been combined together to help travellers in getting around the world. A recent survey was made on 1000 consumers to check what they feel towards travel and it was found that people are more engrossed in experiencing memories.

Future Travel Experience – Where High-Tech Meets with Human Touch

When it comes to planning an adventurous trip, there are lot of complicated things involved in the travel. It includes preparing itinerary, documentation, passport & visa, sharing experiences with others and more. Travellers of today not only look for a smart travel experience but also want them to guide in all stages of travel. Around 90% of Tourists Appreciates the efforts of tour operators as they offer customized tour packages plus excellent customer support.

Human Touch is Irreplaceable

You need to know that human touch in travel industry is most important. When there is a cancellation of flight or flight delay, you have to depend or get the support of the particular customer support team in airport. Without human touch, travel is definitely not possible.

Technology Matters too!

Most of the travellers book their flights with the help of mobile technology. Nearly 60% of people use the mobile apps to check-in and check-out of hotels. Around 47% of travellers share their experiences in the popular review sites.


Thus, the future travel experience will entirely depend on both high-tech and high-touch concepts. It is the travellers who get more benefits to experience a fruitful journey.

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