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2 Jan

Picnic Spots to Visit in Kanyakumari

One of the breathtaking destinations in South India is Kanyakumari. Also called as Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari is a great place to explore the culture, temples and historical monuments of ancient period. Moreover, the pretty city is spread over an area of about 25.89 sq.km. You can stay in hotel The Gopinivas Grand to visit near picnic spots in kanyakumari.

List of Picnic Spots in kanyakumari

Tourists who are visiting this place would get the opportunity to glimpse the Sunrise & Sunset, magnificent temples, exquisite falls, exotic beaches, gorgeous churches and much more. Before stepping into this heritage destination, you are required to know about the most popular picnic spots in Kanyakumari. This can help in saving your time as well money to a great extent. Just have a look at the tourist spots of Kanyakumari below:

Vattakottai Fort Kanyakumari

Vattakottai Fort Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Bay Watch

Kanyakumari Bay Watch is considered to the first seaside amusement park that offers a wide array of joy rides and interesting activities. This water theme park is an ideal location for your kids and other age group people as well. The major highlight of this water park is the Wax Museum. Most of the international tourists get into the theme park to view the stunning statues of great celebrities.

Some of the famous rides in Kanyakumari Bay Watch include Sky Cab, Bumping Car, Hot Tea Cups, Giant Wheel, Milky Way, Multiple Splash, Kids Pool and much more. You need to know that these joyrides are designed to create the best beach-side adventure for the people. Ensure to carry your swim suits along with you.

Opening Time- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Entrance Fees- Rs. 200 for Adults, Rs 150 for Child

Wax Museum

Located in Bay Watch Amusement Park, Wax Museum is a fascinating picnic spot opened for the visitors in 24th December 2005. It holds a great collection of significant figures of Indians and foreigners also. In this Wax Museum, you can find the wax figures of famous celebrities like Man Mohan Singh (PM), Amitabh Bachhan (Actor), Indira Gandhi (Political Leader), Swamy Vivekanandar, Jackie Chan (Actor) and much more.

Time to Visit- 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Entrance Fees- Rs. 50 for Adults, Rs. 40 for Children

Olakaruvi Falls a wounderful Picnic Spot in kanyakumari

Olakaruvi Falls, one of the fascinating picnic spot in Kanyakumari is nestled at about 20 kms from Kanyakumari. People who are interested in exploring nature can venture into this beautiful destination and chill out in a peaceful environment. Basically, this waterfall has the power to rejuvenate the old people as well fresh up their minds to a great extent. Every tourist get into this picnic spot to view some of the breathtaking and Picturesque Sceneries in close.

Vattakottai Fort

Another alluring site in Kanyakumari is the Vattakottai Fort. This ancient fort was constructed by the Travancore Kings of 18th century. When you look at the fort, you will really be stunned at its giant size. Further, the tourists can glimpse the tranquil waters of Arabian Sea by standing on the ground.

It will definitely offer a unique experience for the first “time travellers visiting this ancient fort in Kanyakumari.

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