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19 Nov

New LED Carpet Launched by Desso

Recently, the Philips Lightning and Desso Luminous Carpets signed in a partnership to launch a new product in the market. With the use of advanced technology, they have introduced an integrated LED lightening and light transmissive carpet. This Desso Launched LED Carpet can be installed in high-traffic environments where images, messages and signage are given more importance. Many of the hotels have started to make use of these stunning LED carpets as it is a perfect fit for hospitality sector.

LED Carpet

LED Carpet

Desso Luminous Carpets have designed these LED units in a way where people can interact with a space. The Hospitality sectors can also use these light transmissive carpets for directing people to hotel corridors, rooms or safe exists in situation of emergency. It is also important to know that specially designed LED units are fixed under the sparkling carpet.

The LED units are programmable which helps to display any information, directions, even logo’s, newsfeeds and much more. When you switch off the lights, the solution becomes invisible.

Andre Dulka, the Regional Director of Middle East, Africa & India, Desso has commented that the technologically advancement has helped them in creating innovative solutions for the industry. It is an ideal solution for busy environment like hotel corridors, business centre and so on. He also said that the same technology may come in future for aircraft cabins too.

Desso Launched LED Carpet mainly focuses on delivering modern products with excellent quality in the market. The company also ensures to keep an eye on safety and long term value for the users.

These LED carpets are incredibly durable and looks stunning in the flooring of hospitality sectors. Do share your feedback and comments about this article with us!