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25 Dec

Meet the 5 Extraordinary People Pushing the Limits of Adventure Travel

Many people in the world wanted to explore new challenges and experience in every day of their life. But, it is not possible for everyone to attempt the challenge as they are hooked up with family issues, work matters and so on. There are few exemplary individuals who had outstanding courage and they have aspired hard to reach the top position. Now, we are going to look at 5 most extraordinary people who have taken great risk in adventure travel. The Gopinivas Grand’s Blog explains about extraordinary people pushing the limits of adventure travel.

Yuichiro Miura

Yuichiro Miura

Mike Horn

One of the amazing adventure travelers is Mike Horn. This explorer is challenging man’s physical boundaries by crossing both North and South Poles without any motor vehicles. You need to know that this extraordinary man just plans to move on foot, ski and sailboat for over 360 days.

Mike Horn is a man to be known to many millions of youngsters. He is actually a man of high determination and courage.

Laura Dekker

Being a Dutch traveler, Laura Dekker is considered to be the youngest person in 2012 to take a world-wide voyage in her sail boat. This young girl was capable to explore the world with her confidence and bravery.

Also, she faced a number of problems during her adventure travel. Without any fear, she has cleverly managed all the hectic situations with strong will power.

Yuichiro Miura

Everyone should know about this extraordinary person named Yuichiro Miura . He is basically 80 years old but he looks young in his attitudes and behaviour. Yuichiro Miura always wanted to achieve something unique in his life period.

For that, this great old man has reached the tallest mountain peak “Mt. Everest last year. Sounds interesting rite?

Matt Guthmiller

Matt Guthmiller has achieved fame at a very young age (19). Recently, the young guy set a world record and created a great feel among the people. He is the first youngest guy who recently flew around the world solo in plane.

After this, Matt has planned to go on for a second trip which will be a world tour for raising money for charitable purposes in next couple of months.

Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes, one of the famous extraordinary persons has traveled to all 201 countries in world in just one trip. The great highlight is that he went on for tour without flying. This touring is called as The Odyssey Expedition which was planned for a period of 4 years. This achievement has made Hughes to get placed in the Guinness Book of Word Records.

To Sum Up

Hope, the above details regarding the top 5 explorers would be interesting and useful for all of you. From this, we come to know that everyone should have a aim and face a challenger in their life time.

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