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18 Nov

Kanyakumari Beaches – The Ideal Retreat in your Summer Vacation

Being a renowned tourist paradise, Kanyakumari is a lively and spiritual region in South India. This urban centre is the major hub for many places of interest such as monuments, amusement park, waterfalls, lakes, religious sites and much more. Formerly known as Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari holds a variety of stupefying beaches enabling the tourists to get blended in the nature’s beauty. A trip to Kanyakumari will definitely leave you speechless as the awe-inspiring beaches will attract you to a great extent. Gopinivas Grand explains about the great popular beaches in Kanyakumari.

Chothavilai Beach Kanyakumari

Chothavilai Beach Kanyakumari

Popular Beaches in Kanyakumari

Many tourists would love to relax and rejuvenate in their summer vacation. Since Kanyakumari is located near the sea coast area, people get into the destination to experience a great time. Are you aware of the popular beaches in Kanyakumari? Interested to try some adventurous sports activities in the thrilling beaches? Yes, then just check out the below details:

Muttom Beach

Popularly known as Mum Mudi Chola Nallur, Muttom Beach is a renowned beach village that is located 40 km away of Kanyakumari. This popular beach attracts hundreds of domestic and international tourists from different parts of the world. Muttom Beach is widely known for its unique tides and mammoth rocks. These rocks usually add extra beauty to this exotic beach.

Kanyakumari to Muttom Beach: 36 km

Nearest City: Nagercoil (17 km)

Highlight of Beach: Sunrise & Sunset

Sanguthurai Beach the Popular Beaches in Kanyakumari

Situated at about 16 km from Kanyakumari, Sanguthurai Beach is a beautiful beach resort in South India. The breathtaking views, fringing palm trees, awesome white sands and clean sea water makes the beach more special among the tourists. Usually, the tourists would visit this beach in the evening to view the stupefying sunset views. In this beach, you will find a conch- shaped monument of Chola Dynasty where you can feel the ancient presence.

Kanyakumari to Sanguthurai Beach- 16.6 km

Nearest City: Nagercoil (11.3 km)

Highlight of Beach: Conch- Shaped Monument

Thengapattinam Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Kanyakumari is the Thengapattinam Beach. It is exactly located in the west coast near the Painkulam village. It is believed that this beach was the major trade centre of the ancient days. You will be able to find hundreds of coconut groves in the beach. Also, the Thengapattinam Beach is a perfect place to relax under the tree shades and play in the splashing waves.

Kanyakumari to Thengapattinam Beach: 54 km

Nearest Places of Interest: Keeriparai Reserve Forest

Highlight of Beach: Lush Coconut Grooves.

Chothavilai Beach

Chothavilai Beach is a lovely natural beach that is famed for its shallow waters and sand dunes on the sea shore. Moreover, the Kanyakumari administration has taken great initiatives to modernize the tremendous natural beach. It has excellent road connectivity and the tourists find it easy to get into the beach in their summer vacation.

Kanyakumari to Chothavilai Beach: 54 km

Nearest Places of Interest: Kanyakumari Government Museum

Highlight of Beach: Clear waters

To Wrap

It’s time to experience a great time in the Kanyakumari beaches. Just plan for a trip and visit the mesmerizing beach with your beloved ones.

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