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27 Feb

How to Make Crisp KFC Chicken in Your Home

Have you ever tasted the Kentucky-fried chicken? Are you crazy in eating this spicy, crispy chicken at all times? Yes, then this is the place to stop and read KFC, the global food company offers the best yummy chicken in the world. It’s actually a trade secret of their recipe in preparing those spicy chicken crisps. The Gopinivas Grand explains about the preparation of KFC Chicken at home.

In KFC, the experts make use of various ingredients to make a yummy flavour. They add a number of pesky ingredients like ajjinomotto and other stuffs to increase the taste. But, health is important than taste. We have collected the recipe detail and going to share with all our readers. Hope, you are all excited to take a note of this crispy chicken below!

KFC Chicken

Steps for the Preparation of KFC Chicken at home:

Step 1

First, you need to wash and clean the chicken pieces well. Make sure that you get boneless chicken for the perfect touch. Don’t remove the skin of chicken. Just wash with it. Once cleaned, drain off the excess water and keep it open.

Step 2

You have to prepare a separate paste to marinate the chicken. Take a bowl and add lemon juice, red chilly powder, pepper powder and salt. Now, mix the chicken with this paste and leave for 1-2 hours.

Step 3

Again take a bowl and add eggs, milk and whisk. Beat the mixture well till you get a smooth texture. Keep it aside.

Step 4

Take a big plate or bowl and put plain flour, garlic powder, onion powder, red chilly, bread crumbs, crushed oats and salt. Mix it well.

Step 5

Now, take the chicken and add to the flow mixture and cover the chicken with it. Dip this chicken piece in the whisked egg mixture. Then, again put the chicken in the flour mixture. Repeat the same process for all the chicken pieces. You have to dip the chicken in egg mixture once as to get the crispy taste.

Step 6

Heat a pan and start frying all the 5 chicken pieces. Make sure to turn the flame to low and medium to get a golden brown colour.

That’s it! Its Over! Homemade Lipsmacking Chicken is ready for you. People can serve the crispy chicken with a chilly sauce. Do share your favorite recipes with us and let’s all get benefited!

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