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3 Mar

How Social Media Can Rock your Travel

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools that shock the travel world. You can find any kind of travel information by just a single click. Whether you are planning to accommodate, hunt for spicy delights or avail great deals, social media is the perfect answer of these questions. Travellers will be able to find the accommodation and discount deals by browsing over the official website or social links of the luxury hotel. Social Media is helpful for travellers at every point of their journey. Now, let us have a quick look at the effective ways of how social media can offer support in your travel below:

Social Media

Trip Planning is More Important

The first task of travellers is to ask their peers where to fly, eat and accommodation. Just, don’t make the beginning process complicated. Ensure to use the Facebook’s Graph Search to find out the destinations mostly visited by your friends. In the top of search bar, write as My friends who has been to America or My friends who have been to Royal Palace. You will get a list of friends who have travelled to these destinations. Give them a call and ask about their experience and travel arrangements.

If you are still confused, then write a status on your wall Can anyone help me in choosing a holiday destination? Definitely, there will be few responses! Interact and get the best use of the discussion.

Hungry? No More Wandering for Food!

It’s really a worst moment when you stand wandering into a restaurant that is authentic. Later, you realize that is one of the bad restaurants with no food varieties. Take your smartphone and download the Foursquare App. Look on for top rated restaurants in your destination and select your favorite cuisine. For more convenience, download the Roaming Hunger’s app to track the street food via tweets and so on. Another great app is Eat Your World which acts as a great travel guide to traditional, native food and drinks around the globe.

Scoop Up Deals

Travel involves a huge expense and people have to be cautious in spending their money. Remember to follow the hotel chains, airline booking sites, rental-car companies and travel agencies on Twitter, Instagram and Pin Interest. You can also directly check in the Special Offer section of hotel Facebook page and know about the latest deals. After landing in the new place, just click your Foursquare app and search for offering a special deal. You will get a number of current deals and discounts provided by hotels in your stay.

Picture at the Best Shot

Are you a person who has selected your holiday destination by overlooking at the gorgeous photos in internet? Is that the true picture of the place? If you have such questions running in your mind, then just relax. All you have to do is to follow Instagram, Twitter and Pininterest accounts of natural eye-popping pictures like Tourism Australia. This can help you in selecting the destination as well plan effectively. Instagram’s official blog Local Lens offers a number of talented snappers photos in various destinations. Have a look on those real pictures and fix a destination.

We are sure that the above information will help you to understand the need of Social media support in travel. People who have not focussed on social media have to keep a track about destinations, airline tickets, hotel accommodation and rental car booking in their social networking sites.

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