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14 Oct

Have You Watched These Best Travel Movies?

Travel is a great journey where you discover a number of new things in your vacation. A number of movies have been taken based on travel stories occurred on one’s life. Few movies will create a great impact and tempt you to watch again and again. Which ones are you favourites? The Gopinivas Grand explain about the best Travel movies.

Travel Movies

We have compiled a list of best travel movies that are based on crazy travel adventures. Once you see the movies, you will feel the urge to pack up everything and explore a new world. Some of the great travel movies will make you inspired and help to achieve travel goals over the years.

If you are looking for any backpacking adventure of your own, then just sit back and watch these fantastic travel movies along with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine and friend. Make sure to create an incredible travel trip after the movie watch so as to feel the real experience. Here is the list of best travel movies below:

The Motorcycle Diaries

One of the popular travel movies that have been a hit is “The Motorcycle Diaries”. It is a true story of two medical students who have been embarking on five month motorcycle trip across South America. They planned for this trip to volunteer for a remote leper colony along the Amazon River. The Motorcycle Diaries is a beautiful movie that highlights the freedom, adventure and personal discovery of a person. Do watch the movie when you get time!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

People who are bored up with life can watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. This tells a story of Walter who acts as an introvert, awkward and anonymous photo editor. His life is boring with the same routine job and pressure. When he gets threatened by his job, he plans for a trip and starts exploring the world from Iceland to Afghanistan. You can find a great mix of visual landscapes, sound humour and beautiful soundtrack too.

A Map for Saturday

A Map for Saturday is a travel documentary that is about a man who quits his cushy job and travels the world for a year. It shows of how people travel in different ways and also gives an accurate picture of the destinations. This movie proves that anyone can travel cheaply if they really wanted to. Watching the movie will make you feel refreshed.