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28 Sep

Gopinivas Grand, One of the Best Hotels near Padmanabhapuram Palace

Are you a history seeker and love to discover the secret histories of Indian palaces? The 400-year-old Padmanabhapuram palace in Kanyakumari holds a lot of uniqueness, eye-catching beauty, and incredible history. If you are aiming to make your holiday special by visiting this fantastic place, then you are on the perfect page. You will learn about the palace history, the visitor facilities, the hotels near Padmanabhapuram palace, and accommodation, which will help you make your plan easy.

Hotels near padmanabhapuram palace

History and architecture of Padmanabhapuram palace

Padmanabhapuram is a small village in Kanyakumari in the middle located the Padmanabhapuram palace with the protection of Veli Hills on its east. The Padmanabhapuram palace architecture is unique. It is entirely made up of wood, considered the largest wooden palace of Asia with mesmerizing woodwork of brilliant wood artists of the sixteenth century. The ruler of Venad, Iravi Varma, constructed this palace. It was again renovated by Marthaanda Varma in the early seventeenth century and offered to their family deity Shree Padmanabha and named Padmanabhapuram. In the late eighteenth century, after the capital shifted, the palace lost its glory, and from then, it has been renowned as a traditional architecture of Kerala. Every year, many tourists visit this place, which builds reasonable accommodation and hotels near Padmanabhapuaram palace.

Tourist attraction

Every year, many tourists, artists, history, and architecture enthusiasts visit this place to become eyewitness to the tremendous beauty and discover the Padmanabhapuram palace’s history. The Padmanabhapuram palace visit timing is from 9 AM to 5 PM every day, excluding Monday. The Padmanabhapuram palace entry fees are affordable as it is only 25 INR for adults and 2 NRI for children. The palace is surrounded by a lot of natural greenery as well. You must stay here at least for a week to experience all its beauty and enclose all the Padmanabhapuram palace secrets.

As the palace and its surrounding beauty attract many visitors, the staying accommodation is exceptionally well in this place. There are a lot of hotels near Padmanabhapuram palace that providing good facilities to all the visitors. Gopinivas Grand hotel is one of the best hotels providing outstanding service to its customers and making them feel at home. The hotel is designed with modern comfort that giving travelers a great experience staying.