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5 Mar

Games for Kids While Travelling

Are you bored up in your travel? Tired of sitting idle in the vehicle? If you are facing such situations, then this blog for you! The Gopinivas grand provides the Games for Kids While Travelling.

No matter where you travel, you should ensure to enjoy every moment of the trip with family or friends. This is because this precious moment will not come back again. Especially little kids in your home will definitely have a lot of fun and pleasure travelling to a new destination. Sometimes, they get annoyed and start shouting at their parents for no reason. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep them entertained and happy throughout the journey.

What do you do for this? How to make the kids happy? What do they like the most? Yes, Video games are the most favorite of any type of kid. Most of the kids go addicted with their PSP and they can’t stop playing. But, parents should not get the video games during the time of travel as the little ones keep themselves busy playing with PSP. It’s a family trip and it is essential to have fun together.

You can conduct a number of family games to attract your kids and make them involved with the game throughout the journey. Just, have a look at the top family games for your kids below:

Bingo Game


One of the popular games to keep the little ones busy and happy is Bingo. This is basically a card game that has pictures of road side signs and other items like churches, houses, horses and more. Many parents feel that this game helps in keeping their kids focussed on the trip. People who are interested can download this bing cards for free and enjoy a funfilled time!

Dots and Boxes

Another favorite game among the kids and parents is Dots and Boxes. It is a game that is played at all times. Dotes and Boxes requires just a pen and paper. All you need to do is to draw dotes in an evenly spaced manner and start the game. The person who connects the straight lines in any direction will be considered as the winner.

Celebrity Game

Celebrity Game is the best Games for Kids While Travelling. This is a kind of guess game where one person has to tell a name of a celebrity. The other one has to continue the game by saying another celebrity name with the first letter of previous celebrity name. For eg. If someone says Tom Cruise and the other person has to tell a name starting with T.

I Spy

We are sure that everyone must have heard this game I Spy. It is really an interesting game which has two basic rules. One player has to tell a colour of any object and other person has to find an object matching the same colour. You may think this game as easy one, but it involves lot of tactics.

In order to entertain kids, the parents can also award them gifts for their performance in games. This will definitely encourage and motivate your kids to achieve more in their life. Hope, you try all these games in your next vacation and have great fun with your family!

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