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6 Nov

Forest Department to Launch Eco-Tourism in Kanyakumari

Good News for all Kanyakumari people!! The Gopinivas Grand explains about the Forest Department to Launch Eco-Tourism in Kanyakumari. The Forest Department has recently planned to launch eco-tourism in Kanyakumari district in a phased manner. Their main aim was not only to attract the foreign tourists but also upgrade the social-economic status of Kani tribes. According to the sources, Anwardeen the District Forest Officer has informed the public that the Government has taken some actions to sign a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a private tour operator in Thiruvananthapuram. Moreover, the forest department assured to promote eco-tourism in Kanyakumari to the best level.

It is important to know that the members of the Forest Protection Committee have taken active participation in visiting the forest areas including Mudavanpothai. In launch of eco-tourism, the department has strictly banned the use of plastic materials to Kalikesam Falls and Mudavanpothai.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Due to unavailability of project fund, the forest department has planned to get help from any people who is interested in contributing various ideas and activities for eco-tourism.

After implementing this plan, the Government shall expand this eco-tourism project to other districts of the country. The launch of Kanyakumari eco-tourism will also create great employment opportunity for Kani tribes and nearby areas. Further, the Joint Forest Management has ensured to uplift the status of the tribal people to a great extent.

Around 90% of the minor produce from the forest would be given to the Kani tribes. It is believed that the maintenance of Kalikesam falls is in process by the Forest Protection Committee belonging to Vellampikonam. Tourists who are parking their vehicles in this area have to pay a meagre amount to the management for development. Apart from this, the forest department has decided to handover 50 acres of land on the Western Ghats to 50 farmers for cultivating jetropha plants. This type of plant is mainly cultivated for making biodiesel. Let us wait and strive hard for a greener environment in Kanyakumari!

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