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26 Nov

Explore the Picturesque Destination- Kanyakumari

Welcome to the beautiful tourist destination kanyakumari!

Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin is a beautiful tourist destination is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is bordered by the Lakshadweep Sea at the southeast, southwest and south of the city. Kanyakumari has been for more than thousand years and it holds rich cultural heritage and value. Moreover, the destination acts as a major hub for arts, religion, culture, industries and more. People in the city are very simple, hardworking and dedicated to the work they do. Usually, the tourists visit this amazing destination to view the famous sunrise & sunset, ancient Kanyakumari temple and Kanyakumari beach. Gopinivas Grand explains about the beautiful tourist destination kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Added to this, there are many  tourist attractions in Kanyakumari that leaves the people mesmerized by its beauty. Here is the list of some famous tour spots of Kanyakumari city below:

The beautiful tourist destination – Arokiyanathar Alayam, Vavathurai, kanyakumari

Situated at about 18 km from Nagercoil, Vavathurai is an ancient village known for its stunning sceneries, lush gardens and sea shores. This pretty hamlet adds great beauty to the city of Kanyakumari. Tourists who are eager to visit a calm destination can visit this place with their beloved ones. You get the opportunity to view the sunrise on all seasons. After visiting this place, people can also check out Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Church located nearby.

Ayya Vaikunda Avataram Festival

One of grand celebrations of Ayyavazhi followers is the Ayya Vaikunda Avataram festival. It is usually celebrated on the 20th day of Masi month. People from different parts of the country gather in the destination to celebrate this holy festival with high spirits and enthusiasm. On the next day after 20th,  “Great Masi Procession” takes place early morning in Nagercoil.

Kalikesam, beautiful tourist destination kanyakumari

Kalikesam is one of the most  famous tourist attractions in Kanyakumari.  Known for its thick forest and rubber plantations, this area is widely visited by many adventure enthusiasts and leisure lovers. The major highlight of this temple is the Kali temple. Many pilgrim visitors and devotees visit the place with religious fear. You can also see a rocky river running with crystal clear water. It is a best place for travellers who are looking for utmost peace.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Another important place to visit is the Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary. It was declared by the Tamil Nadu Government as a wildlife sanctuary in the year of February 2008. Moreover, you need to know that the place holds a large number of tiger and other animal species. Indian Rock Python, Mouse Deer, Nilgiri Tahr, Sambar Deer, Indian Bison and Elephant are some of the threatened species in the wildlife sanctuary.

Lord Subramanya Temple

If you are planning to visit Kanyakumari to seek the blessings of a powerful God, then visit the Lord Subramanya Temple. This is regarded as the most interesting temples that hold large pillars and towers all around the place. Many festivals are hosted in the Lord Subramanya Temple and thousands of pilgrim devotees visit this temple with their family.

To Conclude

Spend your summer vacation at this town and experience unlimited enjoyment! Ensure to visit all the tourist attractions in Kanyakumari as it will offer you load of memorable moments.

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