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13 Nov

Explore the Fairs and Festivals in Kanyakumari

Why don’t you enjoy your summer vacation in the land of peace? Kanyakumari is regarded as the most picturesque tourist destination in India known for its scenic beauty. Moreover, the heritage city is situated in a place where Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean meet. Kanyakumari tourism attracts thousands of people from different parts of the world. Usually, the people visit the city to glimpse the various tourist attractions and Kanyakumari beach. In this blog, Let us know the Festivals in Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Festivals

Apart from the amazing attractions, festivals add extra light to the pilgrimage destination. It really offers an incredible experience for the visitors including the devotees and pilgrims. The two popular festivals celebrated in Kanyakumari with great thrill and enthusiasm is the Cape Festival and Navaratri.

Cape Festival

Cape Festival is a grand celebration by the Kanyakumari people. You need to know that this festival lasts for 3 days and the local people take active participation in the programs. Pilgrim visitors would dip into the ocean of triveni sangam and get the holy blessings. In order to entertain the crowd, lot of cultural programs and events are organized on the third day of Cape festival. You can also see the live performances conducted by some of the top artists in the field of music and dance.

Basically, the Cape Festival plays an important part in Kanyakumari as this occasion enables people to follow the customs and religions in a proper manner. It is sure that you will feel a unique experience after your participation in the Cape Festival.


One of the most awaited celebrations in Kanyakumari is Navaratri. This is a long festival that extends for a period of nine days in the October month. Kanyakumari people will light the lamp and display in front of their house. Apart from this, Pongal is also widely celebrated in Kanyakumari. It lasts for four days in which you can see a number of cultural and religious activities taking place in the city.

Navaratri festival


Other Festivals in Kanyakumari

People will also celebrate few other festivals with high spirit and enthusiasm. If you are not aware of them, then just have a look at below:

Chithra Pournami- April/May

Car Festival- May/June

Skanda Shasti- October/November

To Wrap Up

Don’t miss the great opportunity to check out the heritage city with your beloved ones. Ensure to visit the destination during the festival season as you can experience the real enjoyment and pleasure than ever before.

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