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26 Dec

Eco Destination 1-Ecuador

Have you ever comes across the word eco tourism? What is the purpose of saving our environment? If you are having such questions, then you have reached the right place. Eco Tourism is one type of tourism that includes pristine, fragile and undisturbed natural areas. The Forest Department has recently launched ecotourism in Kanyakumari district in a phased manner. It mainly aims to educate the people and protect the environment from all kind of dangers. Also, every human being should provide funds for ecological conservation and political development of local communities as well. Let us have a look at the Ecuador ecotourism destination in the world.

Ecuador City Architecture Model

Ecuador City Architecture Model

Ecuador Ecotourism- Discover the Beauty of Nature

Ecuador, located in the northwestern South America is a spectacular country that holds beautiful sceneries, ancient monument, lush greenery, lake views and much more. Moreover, this magnificent destination contains both Amazon rain forest and Galapagos Islands. It is believed that Ecuador is the dream country for many eco tourists and they get the great opportunity to explore some breathtaking places.

Adventure Activities at Ecuador

Tourists can explore some of the amazing adventure activities like kayaking, sea-kayaking, horse riding, para-gliding, sky diving, swimming, surfing, trekking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, mountain biking and much more. The Ecotourism Board of Ecuador has been doing a remarkable job over the past years. Further, the authorities in the department ensure to organize and promote a sustainable tourism in the economy.

Ecuador- Destination for ecotourism

How do you say this as an eco destination? Yeah, Ecuador is a country th

at enables the tourists to get into the rivers, jungle area and forest region. The recent development of good cooperation between the tour operators and indigenous people has made the country to recognize as the top ecotourism destination in the world.

What to See in Ecuador?

This ecotourism destination offers a wide range of picturesque tourist attractions and sceneries. Just have a look at the places to see in Ecuador below:

  • Banos
  • Cotopaxi National Park
  • New Cathedral
  • Malecon 2000
  • Parque Historico Guayaquil

Best Time to Visit Ecuador

You can find millions of eco tourists in this destination during the mid-December, January, June and August. Since it is a season time, the accommodation rates will be high and it is important to reserve in advance.

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