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25 Jun

Do You Know the Palace That Has Become a Skeleton?

Eraniel Palace, Ancient Kingdom of Travancore is located near Padmanabhapuram in Kanyakumari was once the major spot in the chronicles of history of Travancore. Now, the historic palace seems to lose its heritage building slowly. It is believed that Eraniel Palace served as the important landmark of South Travancore during the ancient years. There were no clear records about the history and construction of this palace. However, the surrounding people revealed that the royal palace was established during the reign of Maharaja Vanchi Marthanda Varma around 500 years ago. There is one hour travel between The Gopinivas Grand, Kanyakumari to Eraniel Palace.

Eraniel Palace Kanyakumari

Eraniel Palace Kanyakumari

Eraniel Palace Ancient Kingdom of Travancore

Few of the historical sources tell us that the building was the administrative hub of Venad Kings. Eraniel Palace holds architecture and masterpiece. Padmanbhapuram Palace was constructed in 1601 and so the King Ravi Varma Kulashekhara moved the seat of power from Eraniel Palace to the new palace. Later, the Eraniel Palace was served as the second capital of the city. Some of the major personalities who played a important role in the palace include Veluthampi Dalawa, Marthanda Varma Maharaja and much more.

The Royal Architecture of Eraniel Palace

Stepping into the Eraniel Palace will enable you to sense a feel of excitement and mystery. This is because the style of construction and materials used in the building make the people to feel weird. Also, few people believed that there are spirits of past people moving in the palace. Don’t know how much it is true! A trip to this mysterious palace can help to know the real fact of the spirits.

Eraniel Palace comes under the physical Territory of Tamil Nadu. So, the palace is considered to be a great example of traditional architecture in Kerala. With the total of three and a half acres, the palace holds three divisions such as Padippura, Vasanthamandapam and Kuthiramallika. The palace is constructed with a combination of astrology, religious, cultural, astronomy and also use of advanced building technology.

The climate in the destination is warm and humid. The building of Eraniel Palace is well protected with sloping roofs to drain water and big compound walls for safety purposes.

Today’s Condition of the Palace

At present, the royal palace has almost become a skeleton with lot of breakage and cuts. Every bit of the wall has a crack and it is dying day by day. The rosewood doors, teakwood beams and rafters have been stolen by robbers without knowing its heritage value. Also, the entrance wooden door has been entirely damaged and may fall at any time. Eraniel Palace was once used as the major hub for the king but now the palace is losing its value.

It is indeed the responsibility of the Government to take necessary actions to protect this masterpiece. Let us wait for a good response from the Government.

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