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20 Oct

Chinese Adventure Travellers Explores Beyond Expectations

“Young Chinese travellers are showing great interest in trying out adventurous activities like jumping, luging and skiing from great distances. They also show-off cool photos in social media and they enjoy these challenging stuffs”. The Gopinivas Grand explains about the Chinese adventure travellers here.

Snapping photos of Eiffel Tower and Times Square posted by the travellers show that they seek adventurous activities like bungee-jumping from river gorges and hiking through glacial terrains. The tourists share great selfies with their friends in social sites and they have a great time out there.

One of the leading skydive operator said that Chinese travellers are engrossed to go for unique trips than the usual ones. Hot air ballooning is ranked as one of the top adventure activity that is tried by more than thousands of international travellers.


There has also been an increase of 60% of Chinese travellers visiting New Zealand in the recent years. It is the independent travellers who have great confidence and power to plan of what they want to enjoy in their group trips. It is also believed that people carrying selfie sticks all way in their travel don’t fit in the adventure travel category.

Few of the researchers have confirmed that Chinese travellers are the most engaging crowd who actively involve in visiting a unique destination. New Zealand is the favorite destination for many Chinese travellers as they are unable to explore sports activities in their hometown. When said, they said coming to New Zealand enables them to get in touch with nature as well broaden their minds.

Why Chinese Travellers Go for Adventure Craze? 

More than half dozen of Chinese tourists visit U.S, Australia, France and Germany in their summer vacation. All are young with the age group of 39 to 40. The main reason for visiting these international destinations is that China does not offer any tourism activities or adventure rides. People residing in the country like to spend more money and enjoy the thrilling activities on air.

Tour operators report that these Chinese travellers are repeat travellers and they love to keep discovering new things. They enjoy the themes like New York and Paris. It is the tour operators who should take a great responsibility in adhering with the strict guidelines and offer an incredible vacation to these new travellers.