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16 Mar

6 Fruits You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

There was a saying like An Apple a day keeps a doctor away. How about Cherimoya? Do you know anything about this exotic fruit? Cheromiya is a lovely fruit that is famous in the highlands of South America. Mark Twain once called this fruit as the most delicious fruit in the world. When it comes to fruits, there are plenty of exotic ones which we are not aware of. You can taste all kinds of fruits near by shops of Gopinivas Grand. Just discover the top 6 fruits that hold rich taste and natural sweetness below:

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit


Rambutan is a Ping-Pong ball red fruit that is famous in Malaysia and other countries of the world. It is also cultivated in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, South Vietnam and much more. The unique fruit has a leathery skin covered by small pinkish hairs. People in the international destinations often use this fruit fresh, salads or high-end cocktails. You will definitely love the taste of the fruit!

African Cucumber

Popularly known as Horned Melon or Jelly Melon, African Cucumber is a vibrant fruit in the world. Originated in Kalahari Desert, this fruit holds a mosaic of green and yellow colours inside. You can easily get this fruit in California, New Zealand, Eastern Namibia, etc. This fruit is often compared to cucumber or lemon. African Cucumber is mostly used for decorating dishes and also acts as an ingredient.

Buddha’s Hand

This fingered citron is widely used in the countries of China, Japan and India. The skin type of the fruit resemble of a lemon. Moreover, the fruit grows in the peak winter season and it more sweet than sour. When you cut the fruit vertically, you will be able to see a seedless flesh on it. The thick yellow rind is widely used for jam preparation, perfume process and so on.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa is a unique fruit that is grown in Mexico and Central America. It is basically grown for ornamental purposes. People say that this fruit hold the taste of pineapple and banana. In hotels and restaurants, this shiny fruit is served with a bit of cream or used to flavour beverages. Try this fruit at least once in your life time.

Dragon Fruit

One of the popular fruits that are eaten around the world is Dragon Fruit. It is highly famous in Southeast Asia, South America and Mexico. It looks like a pomegranate with a bright pink skin and green tipped scales. Inside the fruit, you will find a white colored flesh dotted with tiny black seeds. Dragon fruit is used in frozen drinks and mixed in fruit salads.


Known as Snake Fruit, Salak is a rich fruit that is covered with a brown scaly skin. You need to open the fruit by breaking the pointed tip and then peel back the skin. Salak will be sweet and also a popular choice for fruit salad. Apart from salads, the people use in various food varieties like soups, custards, syrup and more.

To Wrap Up

Remember to give a try to these exotic fruits and experience a great feel. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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