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28 May

5 Important Tips That Every Solo Traveller Should Know

Being a solo traveller is not an easy one but it offers lot of fun all through the travel. One who wishes to enjoy the solo travelling has to follow a list of tips before their start. It is advisable to book flight, hotel, train, cab and transport arrangements at least 3 months earlier of the trip. Make sure to select a reliable tour operator in India who delivers best service and quality tours.

There are few common things that every traveller should be aware of. The Gopinivas Grand provide the list of important tips for the solo traveller.

Tips for solo traveller

Travel Tips Kanyakumari

Dress Comfortably & Decently 

Yes, this is one of the essential points to remember in your travel. If you are planning for a trip to Rome, then ensure to blend with the crowd and avoid skin revealing dress. It can wear anything you want but stick to your limit. It is always a wise idea to dress decent and enjoy a happy trip rather getting into unwanted troubles.

Pack Light Tips for solo traveller 

Being a girl, it would be difficult to be without night cream, hair straightener, the lovely pink blush you bought last week and leather boots. When it comes to travel, you need to take only the things you need and avoid unessential ones. Carrying heavy bags is a big stress and make sure to pack light!


Be-aware of your surroundings and stay safe in your travel.  If you think that someone is following, then cross the road and stay with a bunch of people. Don’t miss your baggage anywhere even when you go the restroom. Avoid talking to everyone you see in the road. It is ok to talk in few circumstances but make sure to check your security.

Daytime Arrival

Remember to book your tickets so that you reach the destination in day time. This helps you to explore your area, hotel and nearby places well. Try to avoid late night arrival as it may be unsafe for solo women travellers.

Photocopy Your Documents

It is an important task to photocopy all your documents before your start. People who have lost their original documents can make use of the photocopied documents and clear the process.