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18 Feb

5 Fascinating Food Factory Facts

Do you like to read some interesting facts about any popular food stuffs? Are you thrilled to know the contents used in these food products? If you are searching for this kind of information, then you are in the right place. At present, there has been a steady rise of food factory products as people have started to consume in large quantity. The Gopinivas Grand’s Blog provides fascination facts about food factory.

People get addicted and they can’t live without taking them in their daily schedules. Most of them feel relaxed and happy after consumption. Here are some of the amazing 5 facts related to food factory below:

Food Factory


Coke Around

Can anyone guess the number of beverages produced by Coco-Cola? Yes, the leading soft drink company produces over 3,500 including green tea and bacon flavours. It would normally take more than nine years to taste one drink per day. Start tasting the varieties and feel the real pleasure than ever before!

Latte Diary

If you have tasted the amazing Starbucks Coffee, then you need to read this news. This American global company uses a whole lot of milk to deliver latte to thirsty customers. Few records have estimated that this company uses 93 million gallons of milk every year. This large quantity of milk can easily fill up 155 Olympic-size swimming pools. Sounds shocking right?

Pie Charts

In abroad, people will always go for tinned foods rather than preparing in home. All are busy and they don’t find time in cooking for a long time. One such packed food products is Pizza. You can get this frozen pizza in any of the retail outlets in abroad. It is believed that frozen pizza makers sell more than $4 billion dollars of microwave pies every year.

A toy to the World

Who will be the largest distributor of toys in the world? Any guess? Whether it is Wal-Mart or Toys R Us? None of these toymakers! It’s actually Mc.Donald’s who conquered the top position with one toy included in 20 percent of all sales. They are making great revenue as well captured millions of kids all over the world.

Bugging Out

If you are a juice addict, then you must have heard about this. In order to get a marvellous red colour, the manufacturers make use of cochineal extract and carminic acid in the juice. This is basically taken from an insect called Dactylopius coccus Costa. You need to know that this special ingredient makes the juice colourful red in colour.

To Conclude

We are sure that the above fascinating facts would be of great use to people. It feels great to share such valuable information with our readers. Keep reading and do share your comments below!

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