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10 Mar

5 Delicious Burgers from Around the World

Everyone loves to taste different varieties of food in their destinations. Out of many, Pizza and Burger occupy the top interest among the people. Vegetarians usually hunt for these pizza and burger as to experience the spicy and yummy taste of this food. We have a number of pizza and burger varieties available in our country. But, where do you get a perfect burger? Yes, The Gopinivas Grand present you the list of Delicious Burgers Around the World below.


5 Delicious Burgers Around the World:

Royale Eatery Burger- Cape Town, South Africa

This Royale Eatery Burger is considered to be the most super juicy food that always remains fresh and tasty. Many people are not satisfied with this burger because of its small size. Apart from that, the burger is really yummy and spicy. People who have not tried this burger can go for once and experience its taste.

Buckhorn Burger- San Antonio, Texas

If you have a sensitive stomach and can’t eat spicy food, then this burger would not suit you. It is packed with Chilli Pepper, Cheese and other top ingredients. Buckhorn Burger is a type of Mexican food variety. Don’t miss to taste this graceful burger in your visit to this international destination.

The BBI- Berlin, Germany

It is believed that this burger has been declared as the top burger in Berlin, German and other countries. People need to have this burger with French fries and potato wedges as to get the perfect combo taste of burger. The burger is packed with a list of ingredients like tomato, onion, greens, cheese and much more.

Red Mill Burgers Deluxe – Seattle, Washington

People who are hungry and looking for any filling burger can try this Red Mill Deluxe. This delicious burger is available in Seattle, Washington. The word Red Mill Burger means em Big n Sloppy. Everyone loves this pretty burger because of its taste and freshness.

PNY Burger- Paris, France

What does PNY mean? PNY means Paris New York. This is really a famous burger available in Paris, France. One of the major highlights of this burger is that they are homemade on daily basis. The owners wanted to have a list of satisfied customers and so they ensure to prepare in house. If you have not yet tasted this popular burger, then check out in your holiday vacation!

To Wrap Up

Therefore, the above burger varieties would definitely tempt you to try in your next weekend. Just give a check and let us know your feedback about these delicious burgers!

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