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6 Jan

10 Healthy and Cheap Foods to Eat- A Quick Look

Many people have started to focus on their health to a great extent. Also, they try to consume a lot of healthy and cheap foods and, spend their time in the nearby gym or fitness centers to stay away from complicated health problems.

Few people think that nutritious food is costly and they don’t add them to their diet schedule. But, the real fact is you get such healthy and cheap foods in your grocery budget!

You must know that eating cheap foods doesn’t mean that they are not healthy. It all depends upon the way you consume the foods. Are you confused? Just cool up!

Let us have a quick glance at some of the top 10 Healthy foods that help you to lead a healthy lifestyle as well save your bank balance!

Strawberry Fruit




Everyone knows the advantages of consuming milk. It keeps the body active, smart and healthy too. What about Yogurt? Yes, the Yogurt offers all the benefits of milk. This milk product enables to rebuild muscles, strengthens teeth & bones, fight germ-fighting bacteria and more. If you have missed yogurt in your diet, then just add on and stay healthy!


We have heard the saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The phrase is 100% true as it creates magic to our body. Apple is highly rich in vitamin C and it is capable of fighting against the deadly disease- Cancer. Even, the growing kids are required to eat an apple per day to stay away from immediate infections.


When you see bananas, you may think that is as a cheap and normal fruit. But, this cheap fruit offers high level of potassium (360 milligrams per fruit). Adding bananas in your diet can strengthen your heart beat to a good level.


Every kid would love to taste strawberries as it is attractive and red in colour. Apart from its colour, this fruit contains more than 100 percent of normal intake of Vitamin C. It has the capability to enrich the immunity level of the intakers. Start taking strawberries in your daily routine!


Have you tasted blueberries? How would be the taste of it? Yeah, the blueberries are considered to be the healthiest fruit that you can eat. They can also be called as superheroes as this fruit has the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits. Blueberry offers a lot of advantages such as lower blood pressure, improve brain health, preserves vision and more.


An inexpensive food available in all stores is Tomatoes. Try to make use of tomatoes as much as possible in your every day diet. This is because the carotene in tomatoes enables to reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well protects your body from skin damage.


Beetroot is an amazing nutritional vegetable that is packed with fiber, folate and vitamins. It has the capacity to purify the liver and blood. Ensure to drink beetroot juice everyday and gain more benefits. After consuming for one month, you will come to know that your skin has started to glow than before!

Olive Oil

Adding two tablespoons of Olive Oil in your cooking can offer a host of health benefits to your family. Generally, Olive Oil has the tendency to improve the brain function and strengthens muscles too. Eat healthy and live happily!


Many people are not font of garlic as because of its smell and dry favour. This garlic acts as a nutritional powerhouse where you can gain a number of benefits. Do you know about the merits of this food? Yes, the garlic reduces the risk of cancer, promotes heart health and improves memory power.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a cheap and healthy food choice. It is easily available in all grocery stores. Holding high manganese, brown rice enables to reduce the risk of cancer, weight loss and fat reduction within a short period. Make use of this miracle food to fight many serious health issues.

To Conclude

We have come up to the conclusion part! Hope, all our readers make note of these healthy and cheap foods and add them in their diet schedule. Remember to take healthy food as it can create a positive impact on your body!

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